Manufacturers of Coffee Vending Machines

Vending machines are slowly and gradually becoming a necessity in each and every work place. No matter how big or small your office is, you are supposed to have at least a coffee vending machine installed in at your work place to facilitate your employees and help them stay focused on their work. There are a number of vending machine manufacturers in the United States and some of them are mentioned in the following article.

Café Desire

coffee vending machine
The vending machines designed by Café Desire are specially made to help ease your life. The machine allows you to dispense two beverages at the same time, which means you can even make two cups of coffee simultaneously, in the time of one! The vending machine is equipped with a tamper proof meter reading which allows you to monitor the sale and expense of the machine. Moreover, it has a variety of flavors of coffee that can be made using its two lane technology, so it is ideal for visitors at your office as well as your workers. The hygiene of the coffee will be maintained as it will not be touched by hands and be directly poured into a clean and germ-free cup. In addition to this, the taste and quality will be maintained throughout each use because the quantity of the ingredients added to each cup dispensed will remain the same.

American Vending Machines

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, American Vending Machines is one of the most well-known and well-reputed vending machines manufacturing company in the United States. This company makes all kinds of vending machines, for cold beverages, for hot beverages, for packed drinks, for food items, and even snacks. The coffee vending machines produced by American Vending Machines are of very high quality and their prices are according to the service that they provide- excellent! You can view all of their available machines on their official website, You can pick and choose the coffee vending machine that you find best and read all of its details, and after you are satisfied with its features, you can order one for your work place or institution.


The web page of this company has a large variety of vending machines that are specifically manufactured for personal or official use. You can create an account on their official website and then add the vending machine that you choose to your cart for purchase. You can view the prices and features of various machines and then select according to your budget and needs. It has shipment options for all of its customers and you can pick the one that suits you well. Moreover, they have a return and exchange policy as well if you are not satisfied with your product when it arrives. The FAQ section of the page helps the new customers.

Benefits of a Coffee Vending Machine

When you are at work, you require something to keep you energized and your mind should be attentive at all times to avoid any errors in your work that might cost you your job. Most people opt for coffee as their work partner to keep their mind awake and fresh for whatever work they have to carry out through the working hours. Although, many work places go for the traditional way of making coffee, as technology has advanced, coffee vending machines have taken over the job of a separate office boy who’d make coffee for all the workers.


For the traditional method of having a person who makes coffee for everyone, it is hard to remember or manage who paid for their beverage and who didn’t. It is also an issue to keep a check over the supplies that are required to make a good cup of coffee. Once you have installed a vending machine, all these problems are eradicated. You can have a fixed timing for the stocking of your vending machine and then be care free for the rest of the time period. Moreover, as coffee cannot be purchased without payment through a vending machine, your accounts will not be upset at any time.
coffee vending machine


If you keep an employee whose specific job is managing coffee in the office, you will have to set up an extra budget for the pay rolls of the employees that work on this post during different times of the day. You can save this extra expense by spending once on a well-reputed vending machine that will be automated and function on its own according to the instructions input by the consumer.


A vending machine is said to dispense a cup of coffee in only 20 seconds! This means that your employees get to save all the time that they would have to spend making coffee if there is a vending machine set up in your work place. It will result in more work done and less time wasted away from a worker’s desk.


As most people need coffee to fuel them for work and keep their mind alert at all times, your workers will be more dedicated and focused on their tasks. Having a vending machine at your work place will provide your employees an easy access to the thing that keeps them working through the working hours of the day. This, in return, will make their work much better in quality, as well as, in quantity. If your workers are tired all the time, with no availability of the beverage that they require to stay awake and not become lazy or drowsy, their work will be affected which will result in the downward direction of progress graph of your work place.

Coffee Vending Machine: A Guide on Features

A coffee vending machine does what? Dispense coffee. Yes, but there are many things that make a coffee vending machine fit for your choice. You are supposed to look at many elements of a vending machine before you purchase or install it for use. Some of the features that you require to evaluate are mentioned in the text below.

Kinds Of Coffee

There are a number of available options that you can dispense using a coffee vending machines. Like, instant coffee, fresh bean or brewed coffee, flavored coffees, hot milk coffee, or cold coffee. Once you know how many types of coffees you want to be able to offer to the consumers, you can move on with the rest of the features that you want your coffee vending machine to contain.

Selection Buttons

coffee vending machineThe selection buttons or options on the vending machine should be understandable and clearly labeled. For someone who is using a vending machine for the first time or is not familiar with the system of a vending machine, well-marked buttons are very important. Each button will show what kind of coffee will be dispensed if it is pressed, what size of cup you are using, what should be the quantity of sugar to be added to your coffee, whether you want more milk, moderate milk, or simple black coffee with no milk, etc. All these features will be mentioned on buttons that will perform that specific task.

Storage Capacity

The coffee vending machines that come with separate compartments to keep the coffee cups, their lids, spoons used to stir coffee, and straws are much preferred rather than those that do not have this feature. If there is separate space to store all these things that are required, you do not need to spare any more space for the storage of these things. This is highly beneficial for work places that already have a very limited working area and cannot afford to give up and more portions for storage.

A Screen

Although, many vending machines have a screen but some are not up to the standard. There are screens that stop working after some time or do not display complete information. You should always opt for a vending machine that comes with a clear and long lasting screen that displays all the selected information about the beverage it is about to dispense for the ease of the user. Most companies have the screen covered in the warranty that they offer so do not forget to claim that if your screen stops working.

There are many other things that you should keep in mind, like the cost of the machine itself and how much will you require to spend on its maintenance and then choose a machine that fits your budget.

Selecting the Perfect Coffee Vending Machine

There are so many coffee vending machines in the market that picking one of them can be the hardest choice that you can make. Below are some the coffee vending machines available in the market to help you pick the one that you require.

Vitale S Instant Hot Beverage Machine

coffee vending machine
If you have a small setup with a little number of employees and not a very spacious working area, this is the best choice that you can make to fit the requirement of coffee in your office. It has a 4 liter water tank that can be removed and refilled. This hot beverage machine is made to be put on a shelf or table with a relatively low height, width and length.


Kikko is one of the many coffee vending machines manufactured by the Lavazza Company. It has the capacity to store beverage for 490 cups. It can provide as many as fifteen selection options to its user which makes it one of the top versatile beverage vending machines. It is not a desk machine, rather it will require some space in your working area to stand tall like a refrigerator, but with all the features that this machine is offering, that should not even be a problem if you are the owner of a medium-sized business.

LB 1200 Galactica

This coffee vending machine is especially made for espresso. You can place it on top of a shelf or table because it is light in weight and quite compact. LB 1200 Galactica is the perfect choice for places where you do not have too many people to serve coffee too, but at the same time, want to purchase a coffee vending machine that is good in appearance and performance.

Canto Blindata

Canto Blindata is one of the coffee vending machines that is made absolutely according to its price. It can serve as many as 650 people at a time! It contains two water tanks that can store 20 liters of water each at any given moment and has 14 different options which means, it can store the required ingredients for all of these available options as well. It can be connected to payment systems and even stock systems to make the management of the vending machine easier and more efficient.

Canto x2

Canto x2 is an upgraded and better version of the Canto Blindata. It also has two 20 liters water tanks and can serve up to 650 people in one go. Moreover, it is very stylishly designed which means it will enhance the environment of your work place.

There are several other options available in the market for you like the various coffee vending machines manufactured by rijo, including, Cayenne, iVend Freshbrew, Smba, iVend Supreme, Samba Turbo, and Infusion II.